About Me

Hi! I’m Amy; the gal behind Harp + Hud. I’m a mom to my two little ones (Hudson and Harper) and a wife to my soulmate. I have a huge passion for design, and prior to launching Harp & Hud, I’ve been running an interior design blog, The Blissful Bee, since 2012.

Just about a year into starting The Blissful Bee, it was quite evident that I wanted to expand my brand into much more. I have a passion for all things relating to design and style, and interior design was just a small portion of that passion. With a full time job, and many life changes along the way, I attempted to move my focus a number of times to a lifestyle brand, but the timing and execution just never felt right. It wasn’t until many years later that the opportunity came about and my courage built up. And here I am today – finally able to launch something I’ve been dreaming of for years.

Enter Harp & Hud; a lifestyle brand named after my 2 incredible children. After hundreds of name ideas and many suitable options, none of them ever felt right. I kept looking to my son and my daughter for inspiration and soon realized they were the reason for this new adventure. THEY were the reason I was bold enough to make this move. Years of sitting in a cubical working for someone else finally weighed on me. I missed my kids TOO much and those cubical days just weren’t enough to keep me happy. I needed passion, flexibility and more time with my family. It was all for them. It was for my husband. It was for my family. And at the end of the day, it was also for myself.

Here you will find not only home interiors, but also how I live my life as a mother, a wife, and of course as a design enthusiast. As an art major, I started my career in graphic design, but also found along the way a love for interior design, fashion, and photography. And even more recently, I’ve discovered a love for cooking and entertaining. These are all things you will find here at Harp & Hud.

I hope you choose to follow along in my new-found journey. Make sure to subscribe via email to Harp & Hud and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. And since social media is so stingy these days, signing up for my emails might be the easiest way to keep up.